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The Artist

My name is Milton Dickey, I am a Georgia native, raised on the West side of Chicago. The baby of five. Three sisters and a brother. Early on I became interested in Art and it's many facets, I have always indulged into some type of artwork or another, whether it be drawing, painting or taking pictures. Art in some form has been with me all my life. I find peace in art and I also love the WoW moments. 

Over the past twenty years or so I have been more and more interested in photography. I finally took the plunge and invested in a camera that could do more than just point and shoot. I also decided that If I was investing into something so expensive I'd better learn how to use it! so began this journey to become a photographer in a real sense of the word. 

I have always thought that I wanted to be a more landscapee, nature type photographer but I seem to be constantly drawn back to taking pictures of people. They say I'm a natural :-)...I thoroughly enjoy what I achieve through the eye of a lens, and I hope you do too. Enjoy...